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February 2017

Persistent Rancher Storage with EFS

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A common problem with containerized applications is that their local storage is ephemeral, meaning that when the container goes away, so does its local storage. If you’re a fan of the 12 Factor methodology, then this won’t be a big deal because you’re storing your data in a much more rugged backing store (RDS, S3, etc). But, what if you’re dealing with a legacy application that expects to read/write from an NFS mounted filesystem? What if you’re adventurous and you really want to run your MySQL databases inside of a container? This makes sense for development environments, where development speed is much more important than being production-ready. However, even in the case of development environments, you’d love for your data to stick around. Let me show you an easy way to use Amazon’s EFS with Rancher to give your containers persistent storage. Read More